1. Deploy "Reverse Mining" as dedicated module

    <12:14:15> "[FINAK] Thulan Chrystar": Alright, if I am building a total Hurricane from scratch, what I am looking for is something to figure out how many units of Ore I would need. Example: The 'Cane build I'm looking at requires 2,703,777 Tritanium, 688976 Pyerite, 176382 Mexallon, 48649 Iogen, 14 Nocxium, 2882 Zydrine, 1140 Megacyte.

    <12:15:23> "[FINAK] Thulan Chrystar": Now with your BPO calc, it figures out the optimal Ore combination to harvest enough minerals to build a particular item. What I'm wondering is how bad would it be to program something to take those numbers I threw out you and…

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